Hopkinsville Christian County Youth League Baseball and Softball


Fall 2022 Registration Fees:

Non-Competitive Leagues (Tee Ball & Instructional Division)
Registration Fee: $50 now through August 21st

Competitive Leagues (Minor & Major Division)
Registration Fee: $80 now through August 21st


What your fees go toward:

Your registration fees help pay the costs of the operation of the season and the upkeep of the grounds at Ruff Park. HCCYL-Little League is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that does not receive operational stipends from outside sources (City / County Governments, Membership Dues, United Way, etc). 

Fees and sponsorship's offset the costs of player uniforms, hats, advertising, media, daily operation of Ruff Park (baseballs, bases, field supplies like dirt/conditioner, park utilities, repairs, field equipment), insurance, and Little League International dues. 100% of all income generated goes back into our organization and facilities.

HCCYL-Little League is 100% volunteer operated:
Not one member of our Board of Directors receive anything in return for providing the youth baseball and softball programs you have become accustomed to. Please thank a Board Member or Volunteer Coach for their personal investment in your player this season. 

Candy Sale Fundraiser:

As part of additional fundraising efforts of HCCYL to offset the costs of the player registration fees, parents that sign up for the discounted registration with candy sales will be required to sell a box of chocolate bars from "World's Finest Chocolate". Each box contains 60 bars of chocolate that sell for $1 each. Candy boxes will be distributed by the Coach or Assistant Coach during the first scheduled team practice. Candy money must be returned by the deadline in order to receive your player's team uniform and hat. 


Season / Division Requirements:

Non Competitive Leagues (Tee Ball & Instructional Division)
 Minimum 10 game requirement
* Minimum 8 player roster per team / Max 10 player roster per team

Competitive Leagues (Minor & Major Baseball/Softball)

Minimum 10 game requirement
* Minimum 10 player roster
*Must have at least 9 players present per game or forfeit

Player Eligibility - Where you live counts:

As a chartered organization with Little League International, all of our players must live within an established boundary set by HCCYL-Little League and approved by Little League. Your player is eligible if you live within the boundaries of Christian County, KY or your child attends any school within the Christian County Public School System, Heritage Christian Academy, St. Peter & Paul Catholic School, or University Heights Academy. This only pertains to school age children. Tee Ball and Instructional Division participants, if not yet attending school are exempt from this requirement. 

If your player is ineligible based on this criteria AND you wish to play with HCCYL-Little League please email us at [email protected] We may be able to accommodate 
your request. We don't want to leave any child behind! 

Evaluation Day:  NOT REQUIRED FOR FALL 2022

Evaluation Day is a good time for your player to stretch their legs and show off their baseball/softball skills. The evaluation is reserved for the competitive divisions (excluding tee ball, instructional division). The basics of evaluation resemble a “pitch hit and run” combine where your player will have the chance to showcase their skill in the patting cages, fundamental drills on the field, and base running. Evaluation allows our coaches to get a first hand glance at your player's skills in preparation for the HCCYL Little League Draft. 

Evaluations are MANDATORY. Those players not in attendance will be randomly selected to a team during the draft WITHOUT the option for a coach pick.

Super Saturday:

Super Saturday is a day of fun during the Spring Season. Each team plays on this Saturday. The games are part of the regular season and count towards the team and divisional standings.

This is also "Picture Day" for HCCYL-Little League where each team will take individual and team photographs. Photography is provided by Southern Exposure of Hopkinsville. Picture forms will be distributed by your coaches prior to Super Saturday and can be completed/turned in at the time of taking pictures. Each team will have a scheduled time slot to be at the park in order to take pictures and then participate in the day's events. 

Score Keepers:

Each team needs a designated score keeper. This is a good opportunity for a parent to help out the team and manage the score books for home games and manage the scoreboard for the away games. Score keepers are integral in keeping the game scores and pitch counts (Major Division only) to track your team's progress throughout the season. So if coaching isn't your thing, become a score keeper!

Local Sponsors

Hopkinsville Christian County Youth League Baseball and Softball

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